Swop your old fax machine for a potplant and get Free Fax 2 Email

Get Free Fax2Email

Gone are the days when businesses required lots of space for all the equipment needed to communicate efficiently to clients. Companies need little more than a free fax2email number, a computer, email address, and internet connection to make this possible.

With a free fax 2 email number in South Africa there is no need to purchase an expensive fax machine that takes up valuable office space. Faxes are sent directly to your pc or laptop and are viewed with your email account which saves you money! You will never have to pay an expensive call-out fee when technicians repair your troubled or broken fax machine. There will be no maintenance accounts and you will save money because you will never have to buy fax toner/ink cartridges that need to be replaced.


As faxes are sent directly to your email account with a free Fax to Email number, you can print selected faxes directly from your PC. Faxes are stored securely on your PC and there is no need for special fax paper which will not only save you money, you will be promoting a paperless environment.

By using a fax to email service you will never have to install a dedicated fax line to receive faxes. Installing fax lines is expensive and it often takes time to have the fax line installed which wastes your business’s valuable time and money.

Fax 2 Email saves you money because it costs you nothing! You can get a fax2email number for free in South Africa. There are no maintenance costs with a fax 2 email service, as all faxes are sent through your internet connection. There are no expensive lines to install and no expensive hardware to purchase and maintain.

Why don’t you get rid of that old fax machine in the corner or your office, and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way? Get a pot plant to fill the space and save lots of money with fax 2 email.

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