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Are you stuck at home with just your notebook and looking for an free fax to email service that allows you to receive faxes digitally through email but don’t know where to start? That’s what Free Fax to Email SA is here for! Whether you are looking to receive a fax for free on your computer or to send a fax using Gmail or your own email client we can help you out.


Fax to email is a digital fax service that allows you to receive a converted fax on your computer. When you register for the fax to email service an 086 number is linked to your email address. You can use your 086 free fax to email number to receive and send a fax from your computer or email client.


Looking for more information on the different fax to email services we offer? Have a look at our different fax services, including free fax to email (Receive a fax), Email to Fax (Send a fax) & Web fax (Online faxing porthole)

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Secure, Convenient & Free to receive faxes

To receive a fax through your email is the most convenient and cheapest way of receiving a fax.  You do not have to have a fax machine on standby (and make sure it has paper, etc.) or you do not have to have a computer running (where you receive faxes via a modem) in order to receive a fax.  Apart from that, it saves time and recourses.  All faxes will be emailed to you in PDF format

In this way, your faxes will stay on your email server to download whenever you download your email.  And the beauty of it all is that it is absolutely free, with no obligations. When you register, you will receive an 086 fax number that will stay yours as long as you use it.  You can use it for personal and business use.


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How does Fax to Email work?

The digital fax solution for individuals & corporate users

Fax to Email is an innovative digital fax solution for the Corporate, as well as the Individual user in South Africa.


It was developed with the most benefit to the receiver in mind, and because all Incoming faxes are FREE, you can receive as many faxes as you want. Using this service will also allow you to save on costly workplace overheads like paper, toner, fax and voicemail servers, equipment maintenance, and telephone line rentals.


Our Fax to Email technology complies with ICASA Regulations, The ECT Act, and is accepted in various market sectors including Banking Institutions, Government, Municipalities, large Corporate as well as Small – and Medium Enterprises, etc.


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Companies using our Fax to Email Services

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Receiving digital faxes

You can now receive faxes anywhere, provided you have Internet access!

No more faxes getting lost as you can now receive your faxes wherever you can access your E-mail.


On sign up, you will be instantly allocated a personal dedicated fax number, where you will receive your faxes, which will then be forwarded to your chosen E-mail address. These faxes are received as PDF attachments and can be printed, forwarded, saved on disk/network, and faxed.


  • Receive confidential documents in the Inbox of your PC anywhere you can receive an email – no papers lying around
  • Received faxes can be forwarded to any number of recipients at a click of your mouse – no time wasted at a fax machine
  • Specially designed to accommodate huge volumes of incoming faxes to specific addresses
  • No special additional hardware or software required
  • Get your number instantly – your own dedicated 0866 number for life
  • Save on paper and ink (Only print required faxes or pages).


Free Fax to Email SA is committed to providing the market with an exceptional service offering that exceeds client expectations within the constraints of sound corporate governance and best practice principles.


Get your free fax to email number now!

Frequently asked questions

We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help
you answer some of the more common ones.

1. Is receiving faxes really free? Will it stay a FREE service?

If you choose one of our FREE Fax to Email numbers (086xxxxxxx) you don’t pay a cent. NO SETUP, NO MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION – ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. This service will remain FREE and there is no limit to the number and size of faxes received.

2. If this is free how can you provide me with a sustainable service?

As with any phone call, the caller (or fax sender) pays to make the call not the receiver. Calls that are made to ours (and any) 086 fax numbers from Telkom lines are charged at R1.77 (ex vat) per minute by Telkom. These call charges are reflected on the sender’s telephone bill. The person receiving the fax incurs no cost, and will not be billed to receive their faxes in any way. We then receive a portion of the Telkom revenue from the calls made to your 0866xxxxxx fax number and in return, we can offer you a FREE service.


However, it is important to note that although Fax to Email is a FREE service, the technology and service upholds important professional corporate service delivery standards. Also, keep in mind that these Fax numbers are National numbers, and therefore not Area Code or geographically specific.

3. Is sending faxes via email also free?

Email to Fax is available but is NOT FREE. For this service, you need to buy credits. Log in, click on Purchase, and follow the procedure.

4. How long do I have to wait for a number?

There’s no delay. The moment you complete the sign-up process the number is allocated and activated, ready to take faxes and send them to your email. Simply click HERE to get a FREE Fax to Email number.

5. My email address changed. Must I now get a new Fax to Email number?

No, you don’t need to get a new fax number. Simply contact us and we will gladly change or update the Email address that is currently linked to your Fax to Email number on our system. You will then receive your faxes in your new Email address.

6. Can my number receive calls from anywhere?

No for 086xxxxxxx numbers UNLESS you enable the SUBSCRIPTION FAX TO EMAIL service. FAX+ is an optional monthly subscription service that makes it possible to receive faxes from international destinations. Without SUBSCRIPTION FAX TO EMAIL, calls can only be received from South African telecommunications networks.

7. If I take a 0866xxxxxx number and don't use it will it remain available?

No. We reserve the right to reclaim a number if there has been no usage for 60-days. You will receive a warning email prior to the number being reclaimed. As long as you receive at least one fax every 60-days the number will remain yours.

8. Do I need to buy any special hardware or install any special software?

No. The FAX is sent to you as a PDF or TIF image attached to an email. Most operating systems have a default viewer application installed. However, if that doesn’t work for you, we provide a link where you can download a FREE TIF VIEWER or FREE PDF VIEWER.

9. Each time I dial my allocated number I get a message that says the number does not exist?

These numbers can only be dialed from a Telkom line. If you try and dial it from a cellular phone then some of the cellular networks will report such a message or give an engaged tone. Some company PABX systems will also block access to these numbers, as they would call to cellular networks.

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