How to Receive a normal Fax Via Email


Most people working in the traditional office setting have a basic understanding of how a fax machine works. The concept is simple –a fax machine scans a document, encodes the information, and transmits it across a telephone line.

The fax machine on the other end of the line decodes the signal and prints a facsimile of the document.

With the Fax 2 Email system the concept stays the same but with a virtual office twist where the PC & Internet takes the place of the receiving fax machine.

When registering for Fax 2 Email through a service provider – that service provider assigns a 086 number to their customers. The number is linked to the customer’s email address. When someone sends a fax to the 086 number the fax is rooted in the online faxing server. The server converts the hard copy document to an electronic TIFF or PDF file and forwards this file as an image to a linked registered email address

It is also possible to reverse the process and send a fax directly from the desktop PC to any fax number worldwide. For more information on sending a fax from a desktop PC – Please see our PC 2 Fax section of the website.

Although the Fax 2 Email system makes use of the “premium rate” Telkom numbers, the Fax 2 Email services are often less expensive and more flexible than purchasing a traditional fax machine and telephone service.

Receive Fax ‘s on your PC with a dedicated 086 Fax 2 Email number. Register and get your own Fax 2 Email number Today!

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