Benefits of Free Fax 2 Email Service

Benefits of fax2email

The number of Fax 2 Email users globally is growing at an astonishing rate and more and more companies are demanding the benefits, ease of use, and convenience the fax 2 email service offers.

From start-ups to big corporate companies everybody is seeing the benefit of receiving their faxes in regular email accounts. Immediately less hardware is needed, infrastructure is better utilised and the environment gets a break as well with fewer faxes being printed.

FaxWorx is determined to be your one-stop source for Fax 2 Email and Email 2 Fax information to help you realize the benefits that sending and receiving faxes by email online will give you as a personal user, small office/home office, or large business.

Benefits of Fax 2 Email are more than the convenience of the whole setup it also includes:

Lower Costs
No need for extra fax hardware, ink/toner, fax paper, fax machine maintenance, software, or dedicated fax landlines. All you need is the computer, email account & active internet connection. Fax 2 Email is a zero-cost, no-maintenance Internet Fax product.

Convenient and Portable
Fax 2 Email is web-based and that means you are not tied down to the office fax machine or limited to any physical location. You can now receive faxes anywhere in the world where you have internet access, making it ideal for people in the field like estate agents, salespeople, engineers, and architects.

Scalable for any business
The services offered by FaxWorx are completely scalable to meet any company’s needs, big or small.
The service we offer can grow with your needs. You can allocate more Fax 2 Email numbers as and when needed. If you get to a stage where you need to fax from your PC you can make use of our Email 2 Fax or Web 2 Fax system. FaxWorx also has a solution that ties everything together in one solution – VBC. For more information on the VBC solution please visit the VBC part of the FaxWorx website.

You don’t have to worry about important fax getting lost or ending up in the wrong hands anymore. The fax 2 email service links an 086 number to your personal email, ensuring your document gets to where it’s supposed to be. The Fax 2 Email system gives you the ability to electronically store important documents, forward or email received faxes to colleagues or associates securely.

A Step in a Green Direction
Fax 2 Email is environment friendly and will help you save on paper, toner, and electricity.
Now you can save your faxes, forward & share them digitally. Tone and printer cartridges contaminating the environment after it’s been used can also be a thing of the past. The fax 2 email service will allow you to do away with unnecessary consumables.

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